An overcomer is a victor, one who has triumphed over trials, oppositions, corruption and every obstacle against the fulfillment of God’s purpose in his or her life. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of an overcomer and He wants His believers to be just like Him so He can share with them His glory.

In this series or sermons, my goal is to help the believers identify the enemies of the faith and how the believer can they can be overcome, through the messages of Christ to the seven churches in Asia. Each of these churches faced different oppositions. Why did others lost the battle, and how did the others overcome?

I invite to join me in this discourse as we unravel the secrets of the overcome in every church age. Here is the outline of the series:

Part 1 – Making The Right Choice

Part 2 – Courage To Die To Self

Part 3 – Overcoming False Doctrines

Part 4 – Resisting False Authority

Part 5 – Keeping Oneself Undefiled

Part 6 – The Overcomer’s “Little Strength”

Part 7 –


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