[Updated] We’re beginning a new journey in the Word of God this November, with the new series Lessons From The Book Of Hebrews. This will be another comprehensive study that will continue well into the next year.

The Book of Hebrews is an epistle written originally for the Jewish Christians of the first century. They were most likely Jews of the dispersion who came to know the Gospel through the missionary works of the apostles and the churches in what is now Europe. In this Epistle the author was making a defense in behalf of Christ in the face of rising criticism as to whether Christ and Gospel is better than the Law and the prophets.

I will try to follow the outline shown here, but will allow for the Holy Spirit to lead us anywhere He wants us to go in this series. Our outline will be as follows:

Part 1 – God Still Speaks 

Part 2 – A Superior Person – Christ

Part 2a – Christ, Greater Than The Angels 

Part 2b – Christ, Greater Than Moses 

Part 2c – Christ, Greater Than Aaron 

(Interim Message) The Christian Life, A Journey To Perfection 

Part 3 – A Superior Ministry – Melchizedek

Part 3a – A Superior Order 

Part 3b – A Superior Covenant 

Part 3c – A Superior Sanctuary 

Part 3d – A Superior Sacrifice 

Part 4 – A Superior Principle – Faith

Part 4a – Faith, The Superior Principle 

Part 4b – The Believer And His Faith Under The New Covenant 

Part 4c – The Believer’s Life Under The New Covenant 

As before, I will upload each sermon, each with their audio and video files, as soon as they are edited, with links from this page. I would only ask for your prayers so that the Word of the Lord may be preached and taught faithfully and truthfully throughout this series.

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