Kingdom Heralds! is a non-profit parachurch [a] Parachurch organizations are Christian ...continue organization created for the purpose of training the men and women of New Life Harvest churches and outreaches who are responding to the call of God to kingdom work. As a ministry it seeks to do three things as its main thrusts:

  • Equip Men and Women for ministry work
  • Win souls through evangelistic and mission works
  • Plant churches in the outreaches

Mission and Vision

Kingdom Heralds! believes and commits to the words of Christ when He said:

“The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” (Matthew 9.37-38)

As the last days of Gospel preaching comes to a close, the people of God are called to have their share in the final pull to draw in the final harvest for the kingdom of God.

Our goal is to be able to establish new congregations in the mission fields where the Message is taught and proclaimed to individuals and families in the community.


Kingdom Heralds! is a small ministry with a simple structure. The ministry is led, organized and supervised by a Board of Ministers composed of the pastors and ministers from the churches of New Life Harvest. Together, they share the vision, pray, make plans and respond to open doors.

The ministry is funded by the support of individual men and women as well as by the personal pledges of the ministers.

Mission Works

Kingdom Heralds! is a ministry that seeks to bring the end-time Message out and establish new community of believers for the Kingdom of God. Its mandate are as follows:

  • Discover new frontiers to proclaim the Message;
  • Train, equip and send men and women to new and established outreaches; and
  • Raise funds to support the work of the missionaries in the field, and the establishment of new outreaches.

Kingdom Heralds! is composed of men and women who have committed their spiritual gifts, skills, time and resources to the work either as Full-Time Missionaries, Volunteers, or Donors.

  • Full Time Missionaries are men and women who have a clear commission from God for the mission work. They are wholly committed in all aspects of missionary work. Our full time missionaries include preachers and Bible teachers, singers and musicians, among others.
  • Volunteers are men and women who have committed their time and skills and are willing to participate in short-term mission. [b]A short-term mission normally extends from a few ...continue
  • Donors are individuals who cannot go to the field but can help financially, either as a Regular Donor or One-time Donor.

The Present Work

In the last few years the Lord has opened opportunities to reach beyond the walls of our church. Open doors for the Word of God were opened in provinces like Rizal, Bulacan, Mindoro Oriental, and even as far as Camarines Sur and Albay. Through the collective efforts of the brethren in New Life Harvest we were able to bring the Message to their loved ones in the hometowns.

Brgy. San Francisco, Bulakan, Bulacan. The outreach began in 2010 and is now a flourishing community of believers.

Baras, Rizal. The outreach was opened in 2010 with the help of a former Pentecostal minister from Masbate. A number of believers were baptized and continues to fellowship at New Life Harvest in Antipolo City.

Bicol region. The mission work in the Bicol region began in 2014 with invitations from church members to bring the Message to their hometowns and relatives. We travel 2-3 times in a month, on a weekend, to minister the Word of God and attend to the spiritual needs of the new believers.

I want to help!

Typically, we begin the trip at around 11:00 pm Friday and arrive in Libmanan, Camarines Sur at around 7:00 on Saturday morning. We will then conduct one Bible study in brgy. Tanag at around 9:00 am, have lunch, then conduct another Bible study in brgy. Pag-Oring at around 1:00 pm. Then we travel again for about 2-3 hours in time for Bible study in brgy. Sua-igot, Tabaco City at around 6:00pm.

In the morning of Sunday we hold our worship service for the brethren in Sua-igot. After lunch, we head out Legazpi City for another Bible study at around 2:00 pm. By 5:00 pm we are ready to go back home, arriving in Antipolo at around 2:00 am early morning.

In all three places the mission work is producing new converts. In Sua-igot, work is now under way for the construction of a modest house of worship for the believers. In Libmanan, one family has graciously built a shed beside their home. In Legazpi City,

We Welcome Donations

As the work continues we see our responsibilities grow as more and more people come to Christ to receive their salvation. As these communities grow, so do their needs for Bibles and other reading materials, teaching equipment, as well as places to gather for worship.

Below is a list of materials we need for the Bicol mission work:

  • Bibles and other reading materials
  • Whiteboards, markers and eraser for Bible studies
  • Guitars and song books
  • Building materials for house of worship
  • Monobloc chairs

Our missionaries travel at their own expense, leaving their families back home, and sometimes sacrificing a day’s wage in their jobs. Donations can help ease their burdens and enable them to focus on the work until they home.

If the Lord is placing a burden in your heart to contribute to the work in cash or in kind, feel free to go to our donation page or email me for other arrangements.

There is so much to do in these last days. Time is running out for all of us. We cannot afford to look the other way and ignore the need of those who will die without having the opportunity to hear the Message of the hour. Through Kingdom Heralds! you will be participating in the harvest of souls before Jesus comes.

I want to help!

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