Personal Data

  • Born: 12 June 1972, Manila
  • Current Residence: Maia Alta, Antipolo City, Rizal
  • Married: since 4 December 1996, to Ana Nevada
  • Children: David Samuel, Khayil Hadassah, Sophia Anne, and John William


  • Youth Leader – President of Bulihan Youth Ministry from 1990-1995 at Church of the Firstborn, Bulihan, Silang, Cavite.
  • Ordained Minister – since 1994 at CoF, Cavite,
  • Pastor of New Life Harvest Endtime Ministry – since 1997
  • Missionary works – introducing the Message of the Hour to families, communities and churches all over the Philippines,
  • With brother Benjie Urboda, now pastor at New Life Harvest Bulakan.
  • with Pastors Joel Togonon of Mandaon, Masbate, and Michael Ortiz of Candelaria, Quezon.
  • With son David Samuel.
  • Standing on the edge of Lignon Hills in Legaspi City, Albay.
  • With wife Joy during a wedding of church member.
  • With wife joy at Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay City.
  • With wife Joy at Gems Hotel Antipolo City.
  • With wife Joy in Baguio City, Benguet.
  • With family in Sierra Madre, Tanay, Rizal.
  • With wife at home.
  • With wife at camp meeting, 2008
  • With wife at Camp John Hay, Baguio City.

Short History

I was born in Manila but grew up in the province of Cavite. I was dedicated to the Lord in a Pentecostal church and grew up in a Christian home, although my father was not converted until I was four. My grandfather was a Pentecostal minister who later received the end-time Message together was a number of relatives and started a ministry in his home where we lived.

In 1983 my father became pastor of the church pioneered by my lolo, I practically grew up a ‘preacher’s kid’. I was heavily influenced by our father’s life. I saw him struggle to minister the Gospel to the people and at the same time provide our family. I saw him fight the good fight of faith as he led our church faithfully.

As I grew up I decided I never wanted to become a preacher. But God had a different plan for my life. The call of God in my life came when I was only 18 years old, during a camp meeting, and since then I have wholly given my life to the work of the ministry.

God called me to the ministry in December of 1990, during a camp meeting. As the preacher of night was closing his sermon, suddenly I felt a deep sense of peace and assurance in my heart I wanted to cry and shout for joy at the same time. (Prior to this, I have been praying about my feelings toward the ministry and a growing burden in my heart to preach.) As the service ended, I went to my father, embraced him tight, and shared with him what and how I felt at that time. He comforted me and told me that God may be calling me to the ministry. I spent the rest of the camp meeting dedicating my life to the Lord.

Things took a different turn after that experience. Inspiration burned inside of me. I devoured reading materials and studied like I never had before. I set aside my personal goals in life and wholeheartedly embraced the work of the ministry. At the same, open doors were opened on every side and I helped wherever I can inside the church as well as in the field.

I became pastor in June 1997. I took the post in response to the need of the ministry. Our Bible study outreach in Mandaluyong City was doing well since it began in 1995. People came in response to the Word of God preached in a radio broadcast hosted by our pastor. In 1998 I moved my residence to Metro Manila to attend to the needs of the church.

At present I serve full time as Pastor of New Life Harvest in Antipolo City, Rizal. I also conduct missionary works in the provinces wherever and whenever a door is opened for the Gospel. With the help of our trained and able workers in the church a number of outreaches have been established beyond our locale.

Having said all these, I am but one of the many ministers of the Message all over the Philippines. Through our fellowship of churches, The Capstone Ministry, we conduct regional and national events to bring together Bride of Christ for fellowship around the Word and for evangelism.