Preach Christ…
Preach Christ…

To preach and teach the Word of God so that people are saved, discipled, Edified and unified with the Body of Christ. 

New Life Harvest is a ministry dedicated to the faithful and truth proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Christ is the Word revealed to the apostles and prophets that are now divinely restored through the ministry of Elijah in the last days.

Train Workers…
Train Workers…

To equip men and women who are called of God to service and ministry so that they become effective, responsible and productive members of the Body of Christ. 

New Life Harvest is committed to the training and equipping of those who are called of God in order to prepare them for ministry, whether inside the local church or out in the mission fields.

Plant Churches…
Plant Churches…

To identify mission fields, set up outreaches and establish local congregations so that more people reached by the gospel and brought in to the Body of Christ. 

New Life Harvest works hard in finding new opportunities to bright the Gospel to the people and establish new congregation where the Message may be delivered most effectively.

Welcome Message

Good day, reader. We are pleased to share with you our life and work in our part of the world. As a people saved by the wonderful grace of God, we want to declare to you what we have received from God: the knowledge of the Truth that set us free from sin, unbelief and the errors of organized religion.

New Life Harvest aims to preach and teach sound doctrine for the salvation souls and edification of believers in Christ. We believe that God sent us this Message of the hour to show us His plan and His ways in these last days.

This website was also created to facilitate the learning and training of our workers and volunteers. We believe that God’s servants will be more effective and productive in their service through sound biblical education under the guidance and leadership of the Spirit of God.

New Life Harvest Churches

New Life Harvest Antipolo
New Life Harvest Endtime Ministry began in 1995 as a Bible study group for the listeners and support...
New Life Harvest Bulakan
New Life Harvest Bulakan is a local congregation established in Brgy. San Francisco, Bulakan, Bulaca...
Kingdom Heralds!
Kingdom Heralds! is a non-profit parachurch <fn> Parachurch organizations are Christian faith-

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